Anastrozole or arimidex has been known in the medical world as the serious medication to treat various ailments. One of them is the female post-menopausal breast cancer. However, when we talk about anastrozole bodybuilding, the application is slightly different. And that is why many people concern about the anastrozole dosage for Estrogen control and how to make the use of it properly. Before figuring out the anastrozole bodybuilding dosage for steroid use, let’s take a look at the medical anastrozole dosage.

Within the anastrozole medical treatment, the stuff is mainly used as the adjunctive drug for the treatment of postmenopausal female breast cancer patient. Estrogen is the root of the problem. That’s why the doctor prescribe anastrozole to effectively control the Estrogen. The prescription which is usually used for the medication is 1 mg on daily basis until the breast cancer overcome.

The usage of anastrozole can not be classified into three levels – beginner, intermediate, and advanced. The anastrozole bodybuilding is an ancillary drug with different purpose. It is not used for the performance enhancement, but it merely focuses on the Estrogen controlling to prevent any side effects caused by it.

Most bodybuilders often try this and that, and they do their own research on how to block estrogen. This is because they notice the testosterone amount in their lifestyle. If you are one of them, you will need to find the best estrogen blocker to help prevent the dramatic inflammation of your breast. Market has offered many bodybuilders with various supplements or products to help to block the estrogen in bodybuilding process. Arimidex is the generic name of Anastrozole. So you may want to keep in mind on the synonym when you are about to get it from different parlor.

Although it was initially developed to help women to prevent breast cancer, now the name of anastrozole bodybuilding has been very popular since it becomes one of the most crucial necessities amongst bodybuilders. It is a common knowledge that the breast cancer main cause is the Estrogen significant production. Those who want to be cured must know that they need to block their estrogen production. This theory is argued by different parties but the fact is that 65% of the women in the country have been treated by Anastrozole and it worked.

In advance using anastrozole bodybuilding for estrogen blocker, you should consider about your workout goals. Is gaining mass your main objective? If you think so then taking anastrozole will not do any good since blocking estrogen will not help increasing testosterone. It is also recommended to take an OTC first before using anastrozole bodybuilding.

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